Project Detail

Project Name: Supporting Dalit Children

Purpose of Grant:
Funding for a nursery for Dalit women and children

Continent: Asia

Area of Support: Education, Health

Applicant: Supporting Dalit Children

Amount: 7,082, 8,006

Date of Grant: 2014, 2016

The Dalits are called the 'untouchables' in India; they cannot draw water, attend school or education and have limited if any opportunities to work or gain employment. Women and young girls are often forced into prostitution. Funds were donated i 2014 to build a nursery, teaching and meeting place for Dalit women and children, run by Jesuit priests. In 2016, further support was provided to build a three multi-purpose community halls in Dalit villages to used for education, workshops for girls and a venue for community support. Empowerment and awareness seminars supported the education of children, teenage girls and women.

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