Project Detail

Project Name: Hands clean water

Purpose of Grant:
Funding to provide a water supply to villages in Northern Thailand

Continent: Asia

Area of Support: Natural Environment, Health

Applicant: HANDS

Amount: 6,300, 10,000

Date of Grant: 2014, 2016

The Karen Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand have difficulty being recognised and can find themselves stateless with few rights and little status in society. Funds were donated in 2014 to provide a clean water supply to a school and primary healthcare centre in the Karen region.

The Thai government has established new laws regarding the care and housing of children in hostels and orphanages. As a result, HANDS was required to urgently move 40 at-risk children to a new hostel in Northern Thailand. Funds were donated in 2016 to support the renovation of the existing hostel to take girls and to provide suitable accommodation for additional boys and girls.

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